Live chat with artificial intelligence

Conversational power for your online agents

Add an agent to conversations with your customers and resolve the most complex inquiries in real and asynchronous time across all digital channels.

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The live chat that turns your agents into your customers’ heroes

Intelligent support for
your agents

Boost your agents’ productivity so they can offer better solutions in less time. Live’s copilot features an AI engine that detects frequently asked questions and recommends the best answer option.

Enriched and innovative

Interact using pictures, emojis and PDF files. Share links and receive your customers’ geolocation and contact cards. Live transcribes WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger voice messages to text to create a conversational experience.

Human support across
all channels

Chat with your customers through their preferred channel, anytime. From a single platform, your agents in Live can answer questions coming from WhatsApp, web chats, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.


Combine the best of automated service with online support, and offer 360° customer service. When the inquiries need human assistance, transfer the session to an agent. Once solved, return to the automatic chat window in a smooth and transparent manner.
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performance analysis

Monitor your online agents and help them improve the service experience. Filter by period, date, channel or group. Analyze the sessions handled and lost, the response and waiting times, and download reports of the interactions.

Create specialized customer support groups

Live allows you to group your agents according to their skills and assign them specific business days and hours, thereby segmenting your customer service according to the type of inquiry. Transfer the session to another group or individual agent and continue the conversation seamlessly.

Get to know your
customers closely

Live creates a single digital profile for each of your customers with their contact data, conversations history and notes about the sessions.

Measure satisfaction and improve their experience

Consider your customer’s feedback to spot improvement opportunities and continue evolving your online support service.

Everything you can do with Live

Live’s tools are intended to evolve your agents’ productivity and improve
your customers’ service experience.


Assign a profile to each user according to their role as administrators, agents, supervisors or agent supervisors.


Include a form prior to transferring the session to an agent, to request your customers’ data and speed up the system registration process.


Live manages transfer queues according to the service capacity assigned to each agent and their simultaneous conversations.


Each agent can set their status as online or offline, or create a customized option according to their needs.


Reduce writing time through shortcuts that streamline the process of writing answers.


Live sends automatic notices to your online customers after some time of inactivity.

Agent monitor

Have a live view of your agents and follow the details of each ongoing conversation.

Chat report

Access your entire conversation history and analyze your service content and quality.


Live has several APIs available to obtain information about the sessions, groups, SLA by groups, feedback, global operational metrics, and agent report.

An end-to-end solution
for a conversational service experience


Start the conversation through WhatsApp

Create proactive campaigns on the WhatsApp Business Platform. Engage sends automated attention-grabbing messages that strengthen the relationships with your customers.
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Automate your service with conversational AI

Interact with your customers naturally across all digital channels and solve their inquiries 24/7.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can have access to Live?

All Live plans support an unlimited number of users.

Can I block access to Live from certain computers?

If you want your account’s users to connect to Live from certain computers, you can make a list of IPs that will not be able to access the platform.

How can I see a live demo of Live?

If you would like to implement Live for your company, you can request a demo with our team.

How much does Live cost?

Live’s platform is included in all Aivo’s plans, with an extra fee paid for each conversation. To learn more, visit the pricing page.

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