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Jinzai: Efficient service across all channels


Talent Acquisition



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10 min

to automatically recruit applicants


automated inquiries monthly

Goal: not a single unreplied message

Imagine being able to reply to inquiries every day, at any time. Imagine a company with no overflowing inboxes on any of its service channels.

That’s what Jinzai, a leading Mexican company specializing in human resource services, imagined when it took up the challenge to reply to all applicants, regardless of the day, time or way they were contacted. Jinzai wanted to provide an even more efficient service, to capitalize on and convert leads, matching thousands of people with their perfect job. And that’s how SOPHIA was created.

“If we didn’t deploy our virtual recruiter SOPHIA to service leads after service hours, the cost of getting applicants would keep going up, since 80% of our applicants are on social media and if they aren’t serviced fast enough, they look for other sources of employment.” Laura Guerra, CEO and Founder of Jinzai.

The main goal was to have SOPHIA recruiting staff quickly and efficiently, being a kind of employment consultant and collecting information from each applicant to find their ideal match. To do this, colleagues had to be involved during the implementation, providing ideas and solutions to shape this new virtual assistant.

Implementation: a task for teamwork

With a clear goal in mind, Jinzai’s technical team did an exhaustive search for a partner that could offer something more than just a bot able to answer questions. They were trying to implement a true virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence. That’s how the Jinzai and Aivo teams joined forces.

“Why Aivo? Because of language. Aivo’s language options are more comprehensive than any other provider. Another reason was the ability we had to control our bot’s training and future development. And plus, Aivo’s implementation costs are significantly different from their competitors.” Laura Guerra, CEO and Founder of Jinzai.

Collaboration and teamwork during the deployment process were essential to make sure the project was successful.

Results: a virtual assistant that gets strengthened every day

Jinzai’s virtual assistant is key to offering better applicant experiences, which helps improve the company’s perception as a talent manager.

What’s the future for SOPHIA?

The next step will be enabling it to interact and communicate through voice, not just making appointments with applicants, but also going through the entire hiring process with them.

Jinzai, 25 years matching talent with the job of their dreams

Jinzai is a proud Mexican company positioned as a leader specializing in human resource services. Its quality management system guarantees continual improvement and compliance with service processes, which makes risk prevention and resolution of leads easier.