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TAG Livros uses its AI-powered conversational bot to sell more on key dates



increase in sessions during special campaigns




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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge
  2. Implementation
  3. Results
  4. About Tag Livros

The Challenge: To provide an exceptional experience

TAG Livros, a Brazilian book allocation club, has always been recognized for the quality of its service, focusing on understanding customer needs and solving their problems in an empathetic way.

The idea of implementing Aivo's conversational bot appeared to reinforce this customer service strategy, thus covering all stages of the customer journey for actual and potential customers.

“We opened a door for this change, offering more communication channels with a speed that was impossible before. That's why we created Sofia, which supports those who need an upfront service on the website, app, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp”. | Michelle Stefanello, Relationship Coordinator at Tag Livros.

The main goals for TAG when deploying conversational AI focused on consistently improving customer satisfaction, providing agility, and making information available. “Sofia is a key component of this process,” said Michelle Stefanello.

Sofia, TAG's virtual assistant

Besides providing support to users, Sofia, TAG's conversational bot, plays a key role in the sales strategy, especially on key dates, when she works on the front line of customer service. It is an additional point in the customer journey, providing sales support, resolving queries, and sharing information about products or subscription clubs.

“It works as the first step in a relationship so that the person can get to know our business and, based on that, consider becoming a customer. Then we started to include the sales pitch itself, a challenge we are following very closely at the moment, assessing which pieces of the pitch best fit Sofia's profile and when to transfer customers to the human resources team,” explained Michelle.

Using the bot, customers can obtain information about coupons, promotions, gifts, and available kits. They can also check the status of an invoice, track their orders or change the shipping address through bot integrations that provide full after-sales service automatically and immediately. In addition, it offers an omnichannel service on web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the app.

These queries are key throughout the year, but especially during special sales campaigns, such as Black Friday or TAG's “Book Week.”

“Sofia is ready to answer most of the queries expected at these times, without the need to transfer to a human agent. Our service is 24/7 and this is a great gain for our team, an important alternative for the subscriber who wants to clarify a doubt on weekends,” said Michelle.

To do so, the customer service team works closely with the Marketing team, aligning objectives and key bot messages. Preparing its content is one of the company's first steps when launching a campaign, involving people from different areas to create a conversational flow that meets the customer's needs.

Results: Better service, more sales

With the conversational bot, TAG can deliver a responsive experience even during high-demand times in a scalable way.

In June and July 2021, for example, they ran a discount campaign for TAG's anniversary, increasing the number of queries by 58% without affecting the quality of service. In addition, the conversational bot maintains an 80% retention rate, showing strong adoption by users.

In the last months of 2021, they vastly improved the service time, taking it from a 9-minute average to only 3:30', providing an agile, fast and effective service.

Going forward, the bot's main challenges are to continue working to improve the bot's retention rate and to develop a new content strategy.

“We are in the experience stage to understand how Sofia can sell, balancing automation agility and quality. We are already seeing results, and we even have to compensate her for that! (...) We must be available in all situations and in different formats. We will keep investing in technology, automation, research and training, but always aware of what the subscriber needs”, concluded Michelle.

For all these reasons, TAG Livros was distinguished in Aivo Awards 2021 in the category of Outstanding Sales Experience. Read the whole interview here.

TAG Livros: A literary experience at home

Firmly convinced that literature is more alive than ever, TAG offers book clubs and subscriptions that are meant to navigate literary worlds, discuss works, meet new authors, and boost the imagination. With over 50,000 subscribers, in the last few years TAG has formed the largest book community in Brazil.