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Jeitto Crédito increased its automated queries by 500% with Aivo





bot growth in 2021




average turnaround time

Table of Contents

  1. Challenge
  2. Implementation
  3. Results
  4. About Jeitto

The Challenge: Reducing the demand volume for agents

Before implementing its virtual assistant, Jeitto Crédito knew exactly what it wanted. The goal of this financial services company was to reduce the volume of queries that demanded an increasing amount of time and resources in human support, retaining 70% of the service demand through the bot.

Implementing a bot with Conversational Artificial Intelligence would optimize time and costs, channeling most of the frequent queries through the virtual assistant, thus freeing human agents for more complex cases.

Deploying a Conversational AI solution

With these goals in mind, Jeitto Crédito deployed Aivo's conversational bot. As most of its transactions are completed from the app, this became a central channel in the automation strategy, in addition to the website.

Together with Jeitto, Aivo studies each part of the customer service process to ensure an assertive and effective deployment. A key differentiator of our solution was being able to assign professionals specialized in small businesses to provide tailored support.

“Our team had no experience in service processes; we are doing very well with the partnership for this deployment”. Rafael Soares, Jeitto Crédito

The main queries solved by the bot are related to spending limits and questions about the mobile application. In addition, the bot also supports the renegotiation of debts with customers and sends invoices and notifications through transactions.

This is achieved through integrations that allow transactional queries to be resolved, resulting in a more efficient, responsive and immediate service.

Results: Optimization of customer service

Soon after, the deployment of the Conversational AI bot began to show positive results, significantly reducing the number of queries transferred to human agents.

Above all, the bot increased the number of automated sessions by 550%, from 10K in May 2021 to 65K in September 2021. All this by answering 98% of the queries with an efficient performance in 94% of the queries.

500% bot growth in 2021

94% effectiveness

1:30' average turnaround time

In light of all of this, Jeitto Crédito was selected as a featured client in the 2021 edition of Aivo Awards.

But the journey of Jeitto and its virtual assistant does not end here. The next step will be the creation of intelligent flows and menus according to the customer's usage history.

Jeitto: an instant and digital credit application

Jeitto is based on innovative technologies, artificial intelligence, and algorithms that allow it to know its customers and offer them risk-controlled loans.

Located in Sao Paulo, it focuses on fintech, mobile technology, financial access and emerging markets since 2014.