Amadeus automatically resolves more than 90% of inquiries

Amadeus, a leading provider of technological solutions for global tourism and travel, has provided service to more than 190 countries and 71 local businesses for the last 30 years.
As part of their digital transformation process, they decided to automate their customer service in 2017 and their numbers have kept growing ever since.
They first upgraded their online knowledge platform, Amadeus Service Hub. Then they implemented AgentBot to improve their customer support.
Today, with their smart chatbot in the US and throughout the Americas, Amadeus maintains its presence and leadership in the region.

Innovation as a destination

With the emergence of new technologies, Amadeus knew it was time for a new journey into innovation. Changes in consumer habits required personalized and compelling experiences, along with the optimization of internal processes.
High demand needed immediate and personalized 24/7 service for every user. In this sense their objective was crystal clear: to offer better assistance to customers by reducing demand on traditional channels.
Really, what Amadeus needed was quick and simple support service of the highest quality. But how can you have a personal element to customer service without human agents?

Welcome aboard!

Amanda, Amadeus’ virtual assistant, arrived as an answer to this question.
Amanda understands agents’ natural language and intents, and can practically interact as a human being. It’s also equipped with Machine Learning technology in order to quickly detect flaws and improve them across all channels.
This is how Amadeus guarantees its customers immediate answers with accurate, human-like interactions. With Amanda, travel agents get instant answers to their inquiries about prices, ticket issuance and changes, hotels, cars, payment methods, and more.

“Amanda can answer our customers’ questions about operations without having to call our team and speak with an expert.”

Diego Bettini | Regional Associate Director of Customer Service

High-flying results

Starting from Amanda's implementation, Amadeus saw a huge improvement in customer experience.
At the beginning, Amanda handled about 3,300 cases a month. Today, it’s present in 87 countries and handles 30,000 monthly conversations in Spanish, English and Portuguese immediately; no other connection or support needed.
Plus, 28% of people who interact with Amanda go back to touch base again, thanks to positive customer service and experience.
Amanda manages to resolve 94% of inquiries and interacts with more than 7,000 users per month all with an average time of 1 minute.
Something else to think about is that with all these metrics, Amadeus improved the experience without increasing resources. “AgentBot allows us to reduce operational costs and position our brand as an innovative leader in the travel industry,” Bettini explains.
The Amadeus team is currently working on adding new languages for Amanda. Their goal is to land in 100 countries with AgentBot technology by 2020 and keep on shaking up the travel industry.
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot
Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot